Menu: Exotic Dishes

Sunset Simla

A mild dish cooked with mangoes, fresh garlic, diced onions and capsicum.

Devil's Tamarind

Tender chicken or lamb marinated in a tamarind sauce, cooked in the tandoor and pan fried with aromatic spices.

Bombay Flame

A hot curry cooked with potato in a special chilli sauce known as naga chilli. Can be cooked to a Madras or Vindaloo strength.

North Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken

Tender chicken breast cooked in spices with fresh garlic, peppers and dried chillies.



Chicken Mocha

Medium to mild dish beautifully balanced with a spicy layer on the bottom and a mild sweet creamy layer on top.



Chicken Xakuti

Chicken cooked with fresh herbs and spices in a coconut sauce.




The most famous citrus fruit of Sylhet. When they are cooked with lamb or chicken, the taste is indescribable. As seen on Rick Stein's show.


A beautiful combination of medium and mild spices, producing the taste between Bhuna and Masala.


A dish cooked with fresh crunchy thin slices of capsicum, onion, coriander and a hint of tandoori spices.

Murg Masala

Spring chicken on the bone marinated in herbs, grilled in a clay oven, cooked with spiced minced meat in a delicious sauce.




A medium spicy dish cooked with a tangy sauce known as tatula.


A special Bangladeshi dish, rich and very hot, cooked with chopped fresh green chillies, garlic and ginger.

Moglai Chicken

Tender pieces of spring chicken flavoured with egg, ginger, garlic and exotic masala.



Gosht Kata Masala

Braised golden brown lamb with sliced onion, ginger, garlic and ground garam masala.